Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Enough Love ...

I lost her heart desolate wilderness at that time. In an inner dimension that you may never know.

At that time, the only clues and mentors is conscience itself. A heart full of love you have. About where I should go and which direction I should head. Inevitably, all directed and towards love.

When it is, say hello to you is something precious and I've never been able to buy. Every swing my footsteps point to you, as even make you more away from me.

The more I ran, I find nothing besides feeling tired and fatigued, your heart is also not too accomplished and touched me.

I also pulled up for a moment. Contemplating what I've done so far. Sun shone with bright, uncover all the darkness and all the reality shows that were never revealed.

Realized that the true heart already has. My hope was shed collapsed debris like dust. No matter how hard I ran to you, you still would be running so hard toward him. Until anytime, we love fuck ever met.

But for me, love is not a mere question. Love is how I am happy to see you happy. In the segment of road segment that has you select to happiness with him, on the side of life where I never participated in the historical chain of life. I always offered prayers for every inch of that happy.

Let me believe in the warm arms. Let the laughter patter right willing to humor me. Let your tears in tepis right by soft sweep of his hand.

Seeing you happy is enough for me, because true love is living on me. My happiness.

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